Occupation of Gezi Gardens Continues as Hundreds Attend Saturday Event

Despite several days of police issuing trespassing notices to people on the ground at Gezi Gardens and pressure from the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association to raid the occupation at Fell and Laguna Streets, people are still holding down the land at the former Hayes Valley Farm, 24 hours a day. This occupation is historic, both in the sense that it is the first public tree-sit in San Francisco, but also as it is one of the largest and longest lasting public occupations of land to stop the construction of luxury condos against gentrification.

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NATO3: Cop Cell Phones Lost or Destroyed, New Motions to Dismiss Charges

Brent Betterly, Brian Jacob Church, and Jared Chase (known together as the NATO 3) were brought in front of Judge Thaddeus Wilson on Tuesday, June 11th for another status hearing. They were accompanied by multiple sheriffs deputies and a court full of supporters watching closely over the proceedings. The proceedings provided more information on the Chicago cops failing to preserve their cell phones and text messages from the investigation, which appear to be significant pieces of evidence in the State’s politically motivated prosecution. The defense also introduced a couple more motions to dismiss charges.

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Palestine-Israel: The joint struggle in a world that will never be the same again

The patience of the people who see the turmoil in the region loosing the patience but it is still far from a general uprising both in the Israeli social struggle and in the occupied west bank. The Israeli state increase the threats of the activists on both sides and contemplating in public to qualitatively enhance the shooting policy. Meanwhile, targeting the young kids they started to arrest 7/8 years old too. The third intifada is gradually escalate from non violent struggle to still unarmed but a stone throwing one. The kids are throwing back tear gas canisters and the state forces are often testing their own medicine. In Israel, the activists of the social struggle are not yet many, but the marching is not just parade any more and the homes of the relevant ministers get frequent visits. It is still not sure if the masses will participate again as two years ago, but it may come sooner than later as the austerity measures are already felt.

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Liberate Space # From The Surveillance State # For Total Freedom J4

In a few weeks, on July 4th we call on all individuals to blockade, disrupt and disobey the architecture of repression in their own cities. We act against the surveillance state not because it has overstepped an imaginary line, we rebel against it for the simple fact that it is designed to intimidate, imprison and demoralize us. We act against it because we know that politicians, corporations and the ruling class will never listen or change. We know that it is up to us to be disobedient, that direct action is the only road to freedom.

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Review of ‘eco-anarchist’ fictional film ‘ The East’

“We will counterattack three corporations for their worldwide terrorism in the next six months.” So declares the eco-anarchist group “The East” near the beginning of Zal Batmanglij’s new film of the same name. With this politically tinged suspense and action film, Batmangilij seeks to break the mold of the usual formulaic summer blockbusters. The director of earlier sci-fi inflected dramas, Batmanglij appears to want to surf the frenzy of Occupy Wall Street and the Tar Sands Blockade that grabbed headlines. The film delves into questions around justice, violence, community, commitment, and ultimately asks the viewer, Which side are you on?

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